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Preventive Dental Care

Keep Your Teeth Healthy With Our Help

The gift of fine, healthy teeth or gums is a real privilege. It’s also a major responsibility that the dental team at Fairfield Family Dentistry wishes to uphold by catering to your needs with the services we provide.
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  • Visit Us for Preventive Dental Care

    General cleaning of your teeth is a typical twice-a-year appointment filled with updates on any dental plaque, cavities, or gum health. We scale and whiten when necessary and wish to give you a glow using the latest technology in our cleaning equipment.

  • Let Us Handle Your Fillings

    We recomended using composite fillings whenever possible, these fillings are resins that are matched to your tooth’s coloring so it appears invisible on the inside. Fillings fill in where decay could start.

    We will give you professional advice and a Consultation when you speak with us about:

    • Sizing
    • Location
    • Potential allergies
    • Preference to metals in mouth
    • Cosmetic options
  • Get an X-ray done

    With our X-rays, we’ll create a thorough image of your jaw, teeth, and other bones. Sometimes, dental work requires more than just a first glance. X-rays can reveal more details to inform you of future work needed (i.e. possibly relating wisdom teeth).

  • Serving many purposes

    We ensure your safety by covering you with our lead aprons. Our various X-rays serve many purposes:
    • Bitewing X-rays find decay in teeth or jaw misalignment
    • Panoramic X-rays give broad views of the mouth
    • Periapical X-rays give accurate jaw visuals
    • Occlusal X-rays check the roof and floor of mouth

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